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What to Pack for a Safari

Kenya Luxury Safaris

How do I pack for a Kenya safari?

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Mara

Dear our Travel Enthusiast,

Your dressing for the Africa Safari should be ‘layering up’’ for the morning game drives since it is cooler in the morning and then you can dress to the light clothing as the days continues to heat-up. Warm fleece is advisable for evening too since the temperature tends to lower and covered shoes for the night time.

For the Shoes: It is advisable to pack either light-weight hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes are appropriate for all safari activities.

Protective aspects: Protect yourself from the hot sun rays, a safari hut will do the trick (For 5 Star Packages, Each Traveler is given a safari hat before commencement of the safari- NO NEED TO BUY-IT IS CATERED FOR), Sun tan lotion and sunglasses are also suggested to be considered.

At times, you might get a cold depending with personal health issues, we advise you carry your personal medication that you may require and carrying of anti-malaria pills. Mosquito repellant is also recommended that you bring.

A pair of binoculars for use on game drives is highly recommended. Be sure to bring a camera, possibly with a zoom lens and enough memory card space as the photo opportunities will be endless. Other items to consider: lip balm (it can get quite dry in the Mara), insect repellant and a good book to read!

Other clothing: socks, undergarments + sport bras for the ladies!


You’re there for the experience, so don’t lose sight of that. Dress comfortably so you’re not fidgeting with tight fitting clothing while you’re in a vehicle for hours at a time!”

Packing Tip: Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have all banned plastic bags so make sure none of your toiletries are packed in Ziplock bags! You can park in Paper Envelopes.



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